Our Objectives and Strategies


Evangelism – “To be a witnessing church”

*       Cross walkers – At least once a month

*       EE – At least one semester a year – 12 week commitment

*       Pastor taught evangelistic training – One year commitment

*       Sidewalk prayer out reach – Once a month

*       Community Block Party – Bi-annually

*       Community outreach Bible study – (As many as possible)

*       Open air/music/preaching – Once a month

*       Door to Door – Once a month

*       Good News Clubs – 2 month commitment

*       VBS – One week commitment

*       Explore creating contemporary worship service designed to reach the unchurched

*       Explore small group bible studies designed for the unchurched

*       Explore intercultural ministries as opportunity presents itself.

*       Explore use of media (radio, TV, newspaper) for exposure and outreach

*       To promote evangelism through present ministries such as Sunday School, Alliance Men and Women etc.

*       To have an annual one week of evangelistic meetings with an invited evangelist

*       To see at least 50 people come to Christ in 2003.

*       To see at least 30 baptisms.

*       To implement an evangelistic theme for 2003 “Bring Them In”

*       To create a Community welcoming team who would get information of all the new families to the community and send them a welcoming package containing a gift and church information.

*       To create an excellent church web sight for disseminating church and biblical information for sinner and saint


Discipleship – “To be a Discipling Church

*       To use our worship services as a vital means of discipleship through, teaching and exhortation.

*       To explore a new paradigm in Sunday Education ministry (i.e. Sunday School)

*       To bring every new adult Christian through a basic “Discipleship 101” course

*       To emphasize sound bible doctrine, history, and church polity

*       To teach “Growing in Grace” at least once a year.

*       To offer and give opportunity for marriage and family enrichment training annually

*       To develop and train leaders through video resources, or seminars.

*       To develop creative ways to bring generational groups together for mutual edification

*       To provide continual opportunities for spiritual growth.

*       To promote small groups for prayer, bible study, and accountability

*       To provide quality educational material 


Missions – “To be a Sending Church

*       To inform the church of present missionary work

*       To disciple every age group in missions involvement through praying, giving, and going

*       To plan and promote at least one short term missions annually

*       To promote the “Jean Bolling Missions Scholarship”

*       To plan and promote at least one annual missions project.

*       To plan and promote the annual missions conference

*       To have at least 85% participation in the annual missions conference

*       To have at least 85% participation in missions giving

*       To have at least 85% participation in missions praying

*       To have at least 50% of those who go on a missions trip to be first timers


Worship – “To be a worshipping church”

*       To create a worship team consisting of mature Christians who love to worship that would explore innovative ideas for our services so they are fresh, scriptural, relevant, creative, relational, and dynamic.

*       To annually educate and exhort the church in the importance of worship through video, seminars, preaching and teaching.

*       To explore having two services – One for the saints and one for the unchurched

*       To explore Sunday night alternatives


Loving – “To be a loving church”

*       To develop in house care ministries

a.       Visitation in general

b.      Senior and shut-in ministry

Banquets, outings, visitation,

c.       Visitation to the sick

d.      Ministry to the bereaved

e.       To have at least two “Church Family day” a year for pure fun, food, and fellowship.

*       To promote a loving environment through teaching, preaching, and practice.


Reproduction – “To be a reproducing church”

*       To explore the possibilities of planting a new church in the community or in the surrounding area.


Planning – “To be a planning church”

*       That all church leaders gather together in the second week of January for leadership planning so that all activities are co-coordinated and designed with unified goals and strategies in evangelism, and discipleship.

*       By the end of January we will have a calendar for all the church events for 2003


Praying – “To be a praying church"

*       To plan and promote special times of prayer

*       To establish at least 5 home prayer meetings

*       To make prayer the foundation of all we do

*       To educate the church in the importance of fasting and prayer

*       To have at least one “solemn meeting” with at least __________

*       To have at quarterly concerts of prayer on Sunday Evening

*       To establish prayer bands for more specific prayer areas (i.e. Russian prayer band, Ecuador, Revival, etc.)

*       To promote family prayer


Stewardship – “To be a responsible church”

*       Finances

a.       To promote biblical principles of giving through stewardship education at least quarterly

b.      To inform the congregation of financial needs

*       Talents and time

a.       To promote biblical principles of using our abilities and time for investment in the kingdom of God so that the needs of others are met.

b.      To provide meaningful service to the congregation.