Sanctify Them By Thy Truth

Thy Word Is Truth


By Pastor Tony Butler (365-5511)

Prattville Alliance Church


In order for a New Age secular world to achieve its humanistic goals, it must eradicate moral barriers that would work against its pursuits.  This is done by declaring that truth is relative; that is to say that there is no absolute truth.  Absolutes are surrendered over to existentialism, which places personal experience over truth.  Man then becomes the measure of all things.  The problem with this New Age world view is that once the existence of truth is dismissed, people are subject to believe anything.  Since truth isn’t the issue, one belief is as good as another.  Personal preference and experience become the guiding force in a person’s life.  Life becomes a smorgasbord of belief systems designed to help people to live their lives according to their own truth, rather than God’s absolute Truth.  When a person accepts the New Age lie, that truth cannot be known because it does not exist, he makes the words of Jesus meaningless when He declared Himself to be the “Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  Jesus is merely another choice at the smorgasbord.

Another problem with asserting or believing that truth is relative, and that absolute truth does not exist, is that the proposition is contradictory.  If one believes that relativism is true, and those who don’t believ4e in relativism is false, then that one has created an absolute, which is the very thing stated not to exist.  Relativism, therefore, refutes itself.

An absolute is an unchanging truth by which all things are measured.  It possesses certainty, eternality, and it produces secure boundaries in which people may conduct  their lives.  Relativism, in contrast, denies the existence of absolutes and presents people with no points of reference, no margin, no morality, and no truth.  It cannot give any certainty to the questions t hat people ask about life pertaining to meaning, purpose, right and wrong, and future destiny.

God, Himself, is the eternal, existent One, the divine Absolute of the ages.  He is the Source of all truth.  He has revealed His truth to us by the Word of God, the Holy Bible.  He is knowable, approachable, and invites all mankind to come to Him through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Man cannot destroy the eternal absolutes of God  He can only deny the absolutes and say that all truth is relative.  When the day comes when these unbelieving Christ-rejecters are being tormented in the fires of hell, I wonder if they will say that His judgment is relative.

The Bible tells us that one day, “Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” 

Dear reader, take God at His Word, which is eternally true, and bow the knee now to Jesus, rather than having to bow the knee when it is too late.  The truth is that God loves you, and desires you to be saved from your sins by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is not a mere entrée in the New Age smorgasbord, but the Creator of heaven and earth, and the Savior of all humanity.