The Voice Of Hell

Pastor Tony Butler

Prattville Alliance Church


There are many voices in the world today.Most of the voices are not connected to wisdom, truth and reality. In fact, their intention is to draw us away from those very things. The scripture tells in Proverbs that wisdom cries out in the streets. Unfortunately it falls on mostly deaf ears. Yet still, God has voices in the world today, pleading with man to come to the only one Who can save him, the Lord Jesus Christ. Of all the voices in the world, God entreats man most perfectly through His revealed word. Through His word, truth and faith are imparted to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

In the sixteenth chapter of Luke we have one of the most unique portions of scripture ever recorded. They are the words of an actual person who had died and was suffering in a place reserved for the unrighteous dead, called "Hell". Keep in mind, this is Jesus Christ the Lord of life, death, and eternity speaking these words. He is the one who pulls back the veil to show us the reality of how people respond to their place of judgment. It is Jesus that lets us see and hear what had never been communicated to living people before or since. Please take the time to read the words of a condemned man who still speaks to us today, and pleads for those who have not yet come to such a horrible place. (Read Luke 16:19-31)

Though others must of have been there, none were to be found that could comfort him. He was alone. As far as this man was concerned, there were no others. Hell is a lonely place. He was tormented by the flames and was suffering. There was no partying, no rest, and no relief.Notice, this man did not say he didnít belong there. He wasnít there because he was rich. Jesus had no bad words to say of him only that he was wealthy and lived sumptuously. If that is a hell qualifier, then most of us are going. The beggar didnít go to paradise because he was poor. No one has ever been saved and gone to heaven because of financial poverty. And no one has ever been lost and sent to hell for financial prosperity. One can be poor and reject God, just as one can be rich and receive God. Poverty has never redeemed and prosperity has never condemned. This isn't the way salvation works. History and scripture are replete with honorable men and women who were blessed materially that knew and served God. The rich man was in hell because it was his place to be there.He belonged there. He had a nature that had not been touched by Godís redemptive power. He had his chances but had rejected them all.

The beggar was in paradise because it was his place. Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you. There is a place for the righteous, and a place for the unrighteous. The rich man symbolizes the typical kind of American in our society. He was religious. He knew about God. He called Abraham, Father. The thing that did him in was that he had allowed himself to become a fool. He acted out his life with little regard for the consequences. He had ears, but he never listened to the voice of God pleading to him. He was satisfied with his own way of life. His concerns consisted of the affairs of this life. All else were after thoughts. He may not have been what we would call a bad man. He very well may have been an upstanding, respected member of the community. At least we know Jesus never spoke negatively of him.

Hell made a better man out of the rich man. In his life he cared nothing it seems for others. He was self- absorbed. But now in hell he is concerned for his brothers. He is concerned about the souls of others. In fact, in hell he is perhaps better than many Christians. He sees things in proper perspective. His heart cry is for others to know God so they do not come to this terrible place Remember, it is not how good or bad we are that determines heaven and hell, it is our nature.In hell, what sinning can one do. Can one horde, steal, cheat others, be proud, fornicate, or get drunk? People in hell will live out the rest of eternity living better lives than most alive, yet still in hell. Only true repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can give us a new nature, Jesus said, "You must be born again."

Listen to this voice from hell and come to Jesus.