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An Answer to Homesickness

By Lois Goodman

Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart."

God had sent us to Papua New Guinea in July of 1996.  It was an exciting time and we couldn't wait to be over there working for Him.  After we had been there for several months I was experiencing missing my family and friends. In a word I was homesick.

One Sunday afternoon shortly after I had prayed about this and ask God to help me through it, we were relaxing in our living room.  All at once I heard one of the dorm dad's coming up the hill saying my maiden name (Barnhart) over and over to himself!

On some Sunday afternoons Tom would take any of the dorm kids that wanted to go down to the river to float on inner tubes, and this was one of those afternoons.  He turned up our sidewalk still muttering "Barnhart, Barnhart....". I went to the screen door and opened it and asked "Tom, why are you saying my maiden name over and over?"

I had come to PNG as Lois Goodman......there's no way he would have known that name. He said "You know that name then?"  He told me there was a kid down at the river saying there was someone at Numonohi (the New Tribes Mission compound where we were living) to whom his grandfather wrote.  Well, the young man was my cousin's son.  The man writing about me was my Uncle Spenny.  Doug had joined the Peace Core and was in the process of living in a nearby village for his 6 weeks of submersion into the culture.  After that he would be going to a school and teaching for a time.

God heard my plea for family and worked it out for me to know that I had family close by!  God is so amazing.  He was prepared for my homesickness and had family close by.  Doug came to our house for several meals, even bringing his PNG village family with him once.

If you are ever in doubt that God is taking care of your EVERY need, please remember this little story and KNOW that He cares enough to plan carefully for your needs.  Even when you are 14,000 miles from home!!!!!

1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety (cares) on Him because He cares for you."


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