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At the Right Place At the Right Time

By Jo Bourne

I was in the process of finding a new church and had already visited two.  It was Saturday and, as yet, I did not know where I was going to go the next day.  The Lord had been leading me to go to the Salvation Army church, but I did not want to go.

When Sunday morning came, the urge to attend the Salvation Army services was very strong, so I prepared myself to go worship there.  I drove up to the church a few minutes early and went to the doors, but it was all locked up.  I went back to my car and sat there.  I asked God how much longer I had to wait.

About that time there came a young man on a motorcycle who parked right next to my passenger door.  I watched him go to the back door of the church and then to the front door.  Then he returned to his bike.

God was urging me to get out of my car - and, again, get out of the car.  When I got out he was almost to his bike, and when he saw me he asked, "Are you here for food too?"

I said "No, I am here to attend Sunday school and church.  Would you like to come with me?"  He said that he would love to.

There were six people in Sunday school and ten people in the church service.  At the end of the church service the young man went forward and renewed his life in the Lord.  I never went back, but I knew that I was where the Lord wanted me.  I heard later that he stayed around for a couple of months.  He then went up north to see his brother and to make things right with him and share what the Lord had done for him.  All I could do was to say, Praise God!


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