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Coincidence? Or the Provision and Love by a Divine and Personal God?

YOU Decide!

By Trisha Pace

Here's my story...

If you know me well, you know that I (almost always) wear sneakers because I have bad arches and feet, and if I don't wear a particular (very expensive) brand of running shoes 24/7, my feet, shins, knees, legs, hips and lower back pay a SERIOUS price. I can't wear those cute, strappy sandals, shoes or flip flops, even for a couple of hours to church, without paying the price, physically. I instantly get shin splints, and my hips and back hurt from poor alignment, etc.

Lately, after wearing these expensive special running shoes for 1 1/2 years straight, day in and day out (and wearing them out,) they no longer had the support for over-pronation & motion control, etc, that they are designed to support and correct. I've been walking around like a Granny lately, with pain in my knees, lower back, etc. Can't stand up straight! I know what will fix this! I've been here many pairs of shoes before this. A new pair of this shoe ALWAYS does the trick. But we can't afford this (sticker shock) price of $130/pair! So I've been praying!

Praying that God would provide...somehow....!

Here's my prayers lately:

"God, I can't afford new running shoes. But I am in huge pain, and I can't even walk or stand up and function with my family right now. I know you are bigger than my foot and shoe problem. I know you can heal my (life-long) foot issues , if that's how you choose to do it. I know you can also provide the money to buy these new shoes. I don't want to complain. I don't want to buy new $130 shoes with money I don't have and charge it! Debt is not pleasing to you, God, and not your plan. I know you are aware of my physical pain, and you desire to love and provide for me somehow. I trust you will. How will I get this extra money??? Will you provide for it this.....way or that......way? I don't know, but I trust you love me and care, and you will provide somehow, even without me telling another living soul!!!!"

So I never told Rob, or my kids, or anyone else of my need or pain or anguish (although they could see me moving slower and in pain!)

For a while I knew that God was telling me to go to this one particular thrift store to look for these shoes. I was going to do it, but my travels and errands and kids' activities didn't take me in that direction. But I went to another Goodwill that was "in my path" and looked for my shoes. It was actually so nice of a Goodwill, that they didn't put out sneakers.

So TODAY, after a week of God's prompting, I FINALLY went to this particular thrift store to look for these shoes. It was 4:58 pm, the store was closing down, and I had the kids.

I left the kids in the car (my kids are old enough to do that now) and told them I'd just be a minute to find my new shoes. They had the shoes arranged in no particular order, on top of the clothes racks. I walked quickly up and down the rows, knowing the "look" of my particular brand (just like Nike has it's own "swoosh"). After about 4 rows of all kinds of shoes, I saw the word "Ariel", the "model" name of this particular brand of special shoe, jump out at me from one of the "tongues" of the shoes. I stopped for a split second, saying, "Oh God, could THIS be YOUR PROVISION for me that you've been prompting me about to come find here??? I quickly grabbed the running shoe off the rack, looked inside, and... it was PERFECTLY MY SIZE - 8 - medium!!

I started crying! Thank you, Jesus! A $130 pair of shoes, barely worn, for $4! The exact pair I need to fix my foot/leg problem. I bought them, got in the car, told my kids as I was crying, called my husband crying, told my in-laws crying, and now telling you crying!

So you tell me.... Is this a coincidence? Or is it a testimony of a need, heard only by an Almighty, Living God, knowing the very specific needs that I have, knowing my finances, knowing my heart's desire not to be in debt, knowing I can't buy new $130 shoes to fix my problem.

As I've prayed silently over the last week, and heard His prompting and then acted on that direction - I found Him! My God, who loves me and all the silly little details that matter to me. He is a huge God, bigger than I can even imagine! He created this universe with just a word. He knows every cell in my body, and He knows my foot issues. And He alone provided for me TODAY! May HE ALONE BE GLORIFIED AND PRAISED!

If YOU don't know God in this personal way, and would like to, I'd be glad to introduce you to HIM! He's AMAZING!

BTW, for the last 5 hours as I've been wearing these new shoes while running around packing for our camping trip tomorrow, my feet and knees and shins and back have been saying "Aaaaahhhhh!"

Thank you, Jesus, My Jehovah Jireh! I love you!


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