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Healed from Infertility

By Darlene Leistner

When it hit me that my relationship with Phillip was eventually going to be ever-binding to him in marriage, I knew that I needed to tell him something that could deter his decision.  I may not be able to have children.  I thought, to some men that may be something to consider when choosing a wife.  It didn't seem to matter to him, so on the day of his college graduation, we were united in marriage at 7 pm on May 7th, 1983 at the old chapel of Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa, Georgia.

Not having a regular cycle, we decided to "wing it" and not use any birth control.  Four and a half months into our marriage, on a Saturday morning, I received a phone call from the clinic where I had left a urine sample.  The guy on the other end wanted to know if I would like to know my test results.  I said, sure, very nonchalantly.  He told me that I was pregnant, according to the test.  Phillip and I were in shock!  Surprise, Surprise.

I had actually gone in to see a surgeon because I felt a lump in my lower abdomen.  He asked me if I thought I could be pregnant.  Hmmm!  I don't think so.  Well, surprise again, I was about three and a half months pregnant.  I had conceived about a month into our marriage.

Our first "miracle" child, Tabitha Marie, was born March 15, 1984.  She was my only child for 17 wonderful years. Nothing ever happened after that fertile days came and went, just like that .......

.........Then when I was about 38 years old something happened. I felt like I needed to go to the elders of my church, along with my husband, and have them pray for the healing of my reproductive organs.  I had been told that I may be a high risk for uterus cancer and I wanted that part of my body covered with prayer and God's Hand of mercy.  I told the elders, "I'm not in here asking for another child.  I just want God to bring healing to my reproductive organs."  And he did!

After the elders prayed that day, I started having a regular cycle (something that I had NEVER experienced but maybe a dozen times in my whole life).  It only came on every other month at first.  Apparently one of my ovaries was working.  Then, gradually, I began to have a regular period every month over the course of several years.

One day, while working in the kitchen at Poplar Point Camp, where I was the cook, I was talking to another lady about these things.  The thought struck me and I said to her,  "You know, with my periods being so regular now, maybe I could get pregnant."

It was the very next month that I learned that I was indeed pregnant!  At age 42 I delivered a blond-haired, blue-eyed little girl.  Several months into the pregnancy I had asked God if He had a name for this baby.  God had told me that we were to name her "Twila", which means "twilight".  I went to the hospital for delivery at twilight, she was delivered at twilight and we brought her home from the hospital at twilight.  Her middle name - Joy.  Her name means to us, "Though darkness may endure for the night, Joy comes in the morning".

When Twila was four years old (and I was a whooping 46 years old), God blessed us with another sweet little brown-haired, brown-eyed girl, Arielle Fe.  God had allowed me to name the first two girls, but this time, He let me know that Phillip was to name the third.  "Arielle" came to Phil's mind. It is a name given to Jerusalem in the OT and also means "Lion of Judah".  "Fe" is Spanish for faith.  Arielle's name means to us that one day Jerusalem will have faith when she sees her Lord's return and He sets up His Kingdom here on earth.

Looking back:

While I was still a single gal at Bible college and not even considering marriage yet, God gave me a "promise verse" that concerned children.  After I married and had Tabitha, I would often read it and wonder.  "God, this says CHILDREN."  I thought He meant all the children that came into our home or that I taught in S.S. and Children's Church - ministry speaking.  But God had other plans for us.  Good plans for our future and, yes, it DID involved "children."

My promise verse was Psalm 113:9:

"He maketh the barren women to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children.  Praise ye the Lord."


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