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Roman Catholicism

Read for yourself what the Roman Catholic Church Teaches:

Link to the official Roman Catholic Catechism

Link to the Code of Canon Law

The Roman Catholic Catechism is sanctioned by the Magisterium (the "infallible teaching authority of the RCC in all matters of faith and morals)and is considered to be without error. (A position with which I completely disagree) My purpose for giving this link is that people will go straight to the official Roman Catholic Catechism to look at their quotes in context.

The Code of Canon Law is basically the written policies that guide the administration and religious ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church.

A Word to Roman Catholics - A Challenge to Challenge


Assurance of Salvation in the Roman Catholic Church

Annulments and the Roman Catholic Church

Did The Roman Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?

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Fifty years in the Church of Rome

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