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Spiritual Warfare

I wrote this paper as an attempt to give a biblical and logical foundation for deliverance ministry. I hope the Lord will use it to help people understand the issues connected with Deliverance Ministry and give some helpful insights.

I don't think everything bad in a person's life is the work of a demon. Deliverance isn't about chasing demons or removing human responsibility from their actions. It is about helping Christians come into truth and to help them become free from inward and outward demonic vexations and torments. The bible is clear that human flesh is exceedingly sinful and is quite capable of evil thinking and bad behavior. Truth is the greatest deliverer that sets people free from Satan's lies and deceptions. For many people deliverance comes from understanding, believing and obeying God's word by applying it to their lives. For some there must be direct confrontation with evil entities who vex them from within.

Because of possible abuses and other explanations for demonic behavior, it is wise to approach this subject with caution.

May God bless you as you seek the Lord in this matter.

Pastor Tony

Updated Paper On Deliverance (Download as Word Document)

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