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Study Resources

Check out Pastor Tony's favorite Study Resources!


  1. Watchman Fellowship is an independent, nondenominational Christian research and apologetics ministry focusing on new religious movements, cults, the occult and the New Age.
  2. Let Us Reason- This site is dedicated to exposing cults and heresy
  3. Contender Ministries- This site has it all, apologetics, prophecy, and contemporary issues of the middle east.
  4. Berean Beacon - Beacon Ministries proclaims the Good News of Salvation, The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The President and founder is Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic Priest. This site is great for the true history of the RCC.
  5. Behind the Badge - This site is designed to help you answer accusations and arguments against Christians and Christianity.
  6. John Ankerberg - an excellent apologetical site. I have known of this man for years and years. He is devoted to the Word of God and Truth. Highly recommended!
  7. Deception in the Church - I highly recommend this site for people who want to understand how "Word of Faith" heresy is impacting Christianity. This site has many articles on false teachers of our day.

Bible Maps, History and Geography

  1. Bible History
  2. Pictures of the Holy Land
  3. Bible Maps

Bible Answers


  1. Dr. E. C. Bragg - This is a special doctrinal site of a man I dearly loved. He was my systematic theology teacher in college. I highly recommend this site for a study in systematic theology. On this site are downloadable audible and written teachings.
  2. Monergism - This is a sight dedicated to systematic theology. Jump in and have a good time!

Early Church Writings

800 years of early church writings: Caution to all readers. Only the word of God is inspired. Early church writings are prejudiced, sometimes altered, and sometimes forgeries. They can be edifying in understanding church history and how doctrines developed through time but never are they to over-ride the word of God.
Coming soon!

Personal Bible Study

  1. Blue Letter Bible - An online Bible study resource
  2. Net Bible - The next Bible Learning Environment gives you a comprehensive set of free resources that will empower you to carefully study the word of God and help you to prepare lessons.
  3. Precept Austin - Evangelical Pre-Millennial Commentaries (Highly Recommended - Excellent inductive Bible resources, Greek word Studies and various Bible Helps! - Small warning: Most of the authors are cessationist. Example John MacArthur.)


  1. Cutting Edge - This site is interesting and contemporary. It has a lot of conspiracy theory stuff about the coming "New World Order".
  2. Prophecy Forum- This is a Christian web site dedicated to bringing you Biblical prophecy, eschatology, and end-time studies.

Lets go to Israel

This area is provided to help people understand the Hebrew mind and cultural insights that will breathe new life into daily bible reading and study . It will also include virtual visits to Israel for the one who would love to go to Israel but can't afford it.

  1. Follow The Rabbi